A Healthcare Environment Demands the Strictest Cleaning Standards

Cleanliness of healthcare environments is one way to prevent patients, visitors and staff from a healthcare associated infection. A clean environment is essential to the safety, dignity and comfort of patients. Parkside is committed to a staff and patient focused environmental cleaning product line offering that promotes best practice in cleaning strategy.

Facility Assessment and Cleaning Strategy

  1. Create a cleaning and disinfection control plan for each segment of the healthcare facility.
  2. Focus on the appropriateness of each cleaning or disinfecting product(s) used.
  3. Understand how to maintain dilution, dosing and other control equipment.

Importance of Product Selection

Choosing the correct product comes down the to cleaning standards and requirements of the healthcare facility, division and room in which they are used in. We offer a range of Health Canada and Natural Product certified solutions with DIN and/or NPN numbers.

Training of Staff

Proper training on how infections can occur in health care settings is important to preventing common mistakes. Staff, patients and visitors at health care facilities can be affected by the lack of infection control best practices. We will help your cleaning staff learn techniques and procedures required to properly handle materials and surfaces that are most often at risk.

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